Simon Hill’s – Sim-Art Collection

Simon Hill is a retired English aviation professional whom experiences in airport and aircraft operations management ranged Worlwide for famous airlines and United Nations activities. But Simon, as most of us, started a hobby out of his passion for aviation…

“Doing mainly WWII aircraft and fighter profiles, I began in 2018 after improving my drawing and profiling skills and cutting my teeth on WWII and WW1 fighters and began posting on several forums and other historical Face Book groups.

But in 2017-2020 my profiling skills increased considerably and I found my mark doing latter day airliners and classics and posting on such forums and found a better more attentive audience. 

It may surprise you to learn I do not use Acrobat Illustrator or Photoshop, but simply MS Power Point, manipulating and reshaping the drawings tools to the optimum advantage to make my profiles, now covering mainly airliners and civilian aircraft. Illustrations are drawn from plans and blueprints where possible but blueprints differ considerably form actual service examples and so I often use side-on profiles taking into account any angle of perspective and produce an absolute “0 degree” angle side-on profile that is as accurate as it can be as photos do not lie.

Blueprints often tend to be too blurry and as stated, in prototype form and often ot actual service examples which you have to be careful of. But in the end if the profile ‘looks just right’ then it’s good to go subject to the subtle texturing and layering of colour, shade and vectors.

To aid my profiles there’s tons of photo searching to Internet research & photos to cross reference. I often draw and re-create the liveries for higher definition and clarity in their end result.

The Simon’s work is permanently exposed on this website, representing the Airlines & Airliners History spirit!

Simon Hill via Airlines and Airliners History

The Antonov 124 Collection

The BAC 1-11 Collection

The BAC Concorde Collection

The BAe 146 Collection

The Beechcraft Collection

The Boeing 707 Collection

The Boeing 720 Collection

The Boeing 727 Collection

The Boeing 737 Collection

The Boeing 747 Collection

The Boeing 767 Collection

The Bristol Collection

The Caravelle Collection

The DeHavilland Collection

The Douglas Collection

The Swearingen Collection

The Vickers Collection

The General Aviation Collection

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